Our Story
Big One Stating Date2009
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Our story began in 2009.

Starting out as a hobby by helping friends with web-related issues, 4 teenagers decided that they wanted to carve their passion into a career path. So they embarked on the BIGONE journey, providing a platform for web users to go to whenever web assistance was required.

As Glenn, the founder of BIGONE says, “We are like the pharmacy of the internet where people know and trust us to help them with solving their web issues.”

Over the years, BIGONE has consistently built up their customer base ranging from individuals to corporations by delivering high-converting sites as well as sustainable app developments. It is the company’s aim to help web users obtain the best results from their websites and applications through a trusted internet solutions provider – BIGONE.

To be a highly-acclaimed platform providing top-notch services for all web-related issues.
  1. To ensure high customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving and technical support for web users.
  2. Ensuring a safe web environment where customers can rest assured knowing that their websites are in good hands.
  3. Creating a balanced work environment for employees to exert their best talents and abilities in assisting customers.
bigoneOur Story